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Sheila Stone Dill alter Ego Madame Shei-La-La Zephyr Point Lodge Kith N Kin

Butterfly Pancake

Doug and Sheila in Gardnerville Backyard Bench

Doug and Sheila in Tiny Cowboy Hats Kissing

Doug Sheila Walking Seven Magic Mountains Near Las Vegas

Grandma Sheila-la Dill AKA Madame Sheila-La as Rendered by Melody Garrett

Heidi Harrison Sheila Dill and Andy Harrison at the Dill Home in Gardnerville

/Infamous Spam-Themed Bulletin Board at Camp Kith-n-Kin

Madame Shei-La-La as Rendered by Melody Garrett

/Melody Garrett Showing Table Runner She Made with Sheila Dill

Sheila at the Grill at Camp Kith-n-Kin

Sheila, Bret, Corbett, Andrew, Doug, Jan, and Wayne blended Harison-Dill family in Reno circa 1980

 Sheila Dill as her Alter-Ego Madame Shei-La-La Gazes into her Crystal Ball with Granddaughters Lara and Abbi

Bret Harrison Takes a Groupie including Sheila Dill

Doug and Sheila walking

Doug in Sling Sheila Tahoe Overlook

Doug Sheila Bryan Melody Thomas on Tortoise at Red Rock Canyon

Doug Sheila Hug in Gardnerville Garage

Doug Sheila Jan Bryce Canyon Overlook

Melody in Dills Garage with Stained Glass Gardnerville

Sheila Dill


/Doug Sheila Melody Thomas at Halls in Las Vegas with Police Tape

Doug Sheila Mindy Melanee

Doug Sheila Mindy Rigo Nunez Children Myricks

/Doug Sheila Picnic Table Snow Mountain Overlook

Doug Sheila Selfie Closeup Gardnerville

Doug Sheila Sightseeing Boat Selfie

Doug Sheila Walking Taylor Creek

Doug Sheila Wayne at Lake

Kith N Kin Group Portrait Mountain Ranch

Kith N Kin Group Portrait North Shore House

Leila Carmela at Dills in Gardnerville

Sheila Dill Bakes Christmas Cookies

Sheila Dill Holds a Hand-Made Bird

Sheila Dill in Costume in High School Play Yearbook Photo

Sheila Dill Katie Dill and Wayne Dill

Sheila Dill with Bret Harrison, Andy Harrison, and Corbett Harrison

 Sheila Mindy Rigo Nunez Children Myricks

Wayne Dill with Sheila Dill in Chair.

Bryan as Master Magic Zephyr Point Kith N Kin.jpg

Doug and Wayne Making Root Beer Kith N Kin

Doug as Mister Magic Zephyr Point Kith N Kin.

Doug in Alaska at Glacier

Doug in Dills Garage Making Stained Glass Gardnerville

Group Photo - Normal 2023-05-13

Group Photo - Wacky 2023-05-13




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